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I would like to Thank BETH at Daily Zen for taking the time and interest to publish this article from the “Waking Up Is Free” project. Daily Zen is a wonderful place to find daily inspiration and words of wisdom from those seeking Peace in a crazy world.

This article is titled “LIVING A LIE – When Self Interest Trumps Truth” and can be found by clicking here…

“LIVING A LIE – When Self Interest Trumps Truth”
Written by: John Masters – For: DailyZen

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John Masters

Our War of Words! – “Why Silence is Golden”


Photographer: Benjamin Lowy


It is believed by many that life is held together by some type of intelligence. An omnipotent being or power. A something. Yet, intelligence is quantifiable so it is still bound by the rules of our program and therefore is not a product of truth.

Is god defined by a finite intelligence or by an infinite (non)intelligence? Does God know everything or is there, in fact, nothing to know? 
If truth lies beyond words then life lies beyond intelligence.

To believe in intelligence is to believe in ignorance which are extremes of the same thing. Without one you can not have the other. Life is only a trap between two extremes if you make it so.

God does not lie somewhere between two extremes. God lies everywhere and can not be quantified. Words used as descriptors such as “GOD” are quantifiable and therefore can not describe the indescribable.

Words can only point to that which lay outside of our programming but they can not adequately describe such things. So, using words to find the truth is fine but believing that the words are truth is false.

The word is NOT the thing!

People in this world are in conflict over words and nothing else. There is no conflict in this world that exists outside of the words created by man. Animals, which we consider less intelligent, “experience” their existence while we merely talk about ours…


It is endless because the answers do not lie within the words, yet our seeking & searching is done almost exclusively with words through thought.

God does not exist in the words or in the thoughts of man. God exists in the infinite silence. The silence that ties everything together. The silence, without which, the words would have no meaning.

When you ask an enlightened person a question about life… The answer should be complete silence because the enlightened person understands that words are meaningless. If one already possess the answers which they seek then no answers are necessary, therefore no words are necessary.

Smart people believe that intelligently ordered words are of higher value yet words are, in fact, just words. Not a commodity worth going to war over. Just a projection of mans feeble attempt to control a world that he so desperately desires to understand.

Yet, understanding can only come through the silent observation of oneself, for which words are completely unnecessary and unproductive.

John Masters



Photographer: Mark Blinch

There WILL be Peace on this planet!

It’s just a question of how.

The totality of rage and anger that pervade the world is NOT leading to the destruction of the world; merely to the destruction of mankind, which is an infinitesimal part of the Peaceful world that we have been invited to inhabit.

To the human, the annihilation of humanity may appear as the end of the World, however it is only the end of the world of chaos that he, himself has created.

Peace, like water, is a perfect level, always moving towards that which is best for the whole of creation. Not favoring one part over another. Not favoring the chaos of man of over the serenity of nature. Merely allowing man to hopefully find a peaceful path towards that which he seeks. However, the destruction of creation, by man, is not in the cards.

There is a higher intelligence, than man, that sees the folly of our ways. The pitfalls of a vastly complex mind. This higher intelligence IS the level of Peace. Like water, ALWAYS moving back towards its perfect resting position. No matter the gyrations of the human mind, always in control on a level rarely understood by man.

In order to see the truth one must remove his eyes from himself. Worried and toiling over what HE wants. What HE thinks. What HE believes would be better for him. The programming of ages is at work in mans chaotic thinking, and his need to be better is firmly rooted in his belief that he and those around him are not already perfect beings. Constantly judging and comparing himself to others, seeing only the differences. Living in the separation. Without the slightest clue that the separation has been created by his mind and can be removed immediately.

Not through the use of brawn and Bullets but through the use of awareness and understanding. The understanding that the destruction that he seeks is the destruction of pain. Of hurt left by the past and feared in the present. Of that which removes him from the natural state of peace that he was gifted with as an infant.

The terrorist, like most in society, are very unilateral in thought and action when attempting to achieve a goal. Not taking into account that, not only, even the smallest action ripples out through time affecting everything, but also, that the intentions of evil men are ALWAYS thwarted by truth.

That the devious and deadly plans born in the minds of men are nothing more than a cancer. And, that their act of violence only brings about a swift consciousness towards peace. That, although the conditioning to react towards violence with violence is strong, the bringing about of peace is NATURAL.

It is not the hitlers of the world that control the direction of the world.

It is the Martin Luther Kings that stand before them in Peace that shape the future for our children.

So, stand together today with those who seek peace as you do, so that the world may achieve PEACE, The easy way…


John Masters

A Letter to The Enlightened…

enlightenmentIn general, the state of the world mirrors what is going on with a majority of individuals in the world. This is not to say that in a world of chaos and violence that those living in peace do not exist. It just means that the amount of peace being contributed to the world at that time is being outweighed by the amount of chaos and violence being contributed.

This should not detract from the choice of living in peace but it does reveal the difficulties of living a life of peace in a world proliferated by chaos.

The chaos that we experience in the world is not the product of the organic evolution of man. It is the product of the projected chaos of mans mind. ALL systems that wreak havoc on man have been created by man and then projected in to the world to give him something to struggle against when the true struggle lies within himself. In addition to the belief that these projections represent truth in some way, mankind has also deluded itself into thinking that its evolution is anything more than a movement of thought which is a product of the mind.

The notion that mankind has evolved, in a more enlightened way, than the animals is merely mans ego which can not accept the destruction that he, himself has created to a perfect world. And, through this non-acceptance, man continues his march to the complete annihilation of self.

The annihilation of self lies squarely in the protection of self. The need to protect self is the acceptance that self is somehow different than whole. That you lie outside of the problem which you, yourself have created. The reason that the answer CAN NOT lie outside of the question is that one must already possess the answer to realize that there is a question to be asked in the first place.

The sign that you already possess the answers that you seek, and need seek no further, is the simple fact that you are asking the question. This understanding leads to the end of confusion. The end of needing a projected authority figure to control your life. Because you are the authority figure and are perfectly capable of controlling your own life.

When one addresses the chaos in their own lives, the true opportunity to assist others is born. We can not truly assist our brother when our own lives are being blown back and forth by the winds of dysfunction. Therefor, It is only through the awareness of our own dysfunction that we can address the dysfunction in the world.

So, instead of pointing the finger of blame, lets reach out with hands of support to those who struggle as we once did.

John Masters

YOU ARE THE TERRORIST!… Why blaming others solves nothing.

You know those terrorist that like to throw bombs and kill children? The ones that the media cant stop talking about and that you think are evil?

THEY ARE YOU!… just under different circumstances and conditioning.

Why is that so difficult to hear? Because you are so attached to being different? Better? More civilized? YOUR NOT! You just have nicer clothes, a bigger house and governments that do the killing for you. Like somehow believing that buying a burger is different than killing a cow with your bare hands. Its not. The cow died because you were hungry and it doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger.

The terrorist is merely a mirror so that one can see the violence within themselves and rectify it. This is the only true path to lasting, fundamental change in the world. But the path to change leads through your acceptance of the violence within yourself which is a sticking point for many because, although we see the conflict, we have deluded ourselves into believing that we have not contributed to it.

Whether you are contributing now or not is somewhat irrelevant. The mess is here to be cleaned up one way or the other and the entire human race is in this boat together and the boat is a mess regardless of who made it that way. 

The beautiful thing about understanding that YOU REPRESENT HUMANITY is that your job has just begun and is not complete until the entire boat is clean, which it will never be. This is your new job for the rest of your natural life. Now its time to assist others in the understanding of how to clean their mess up. You can never clean up someone else’s mess for them but you can certainly support them while they do it for themselves.

And, I would prefer to assist someone else because I have my shit together rather than need support because I don’t. This is not a judgment. Just a statement that when you have your shit together everything is fun, including and especially helping others. And when you don’t, almost nothing is fun and that truly sucks.

Why is it important to understand that you are the terrorist? Which is just another way of saying that you are humanity? Because it is your belief that you are somehow different in a better way that causes you to go to war in the first place. The terrorist also believes himself to be different in a better way than you. This is what causes him to go to war with you.

The acceptance of the violence within yourself allows you the opportunity to make changes that are not possible when you believe the fault to lie outside of yourself.

You see, changing yourself today does change the world today.

It just takes a while.

John Masters

The World is Burning, Yet Peace Awaits!

It is difficult to go into this topic without being critical of the human race.

We in America and, I suppose, all around the world have made life so convenient for ourselves that it has become a hassle for us to wait for 30 seconds to receive a well balanced meal, while many people wait for an eternity that never comes. As we argue over market strategy and political policy, people die. They not only die physically but much, much worse they die psychologically.

As one looks at the world and realizes that the thought of mans mind has created all of the violence, destruction and conflict that seems to be the foundation of our existence, the cycle continues.

As we focus on the construction of our own identities THE WORLD BURNS.

The foundation of life has been built on thought; Primarily the thought that “things could be better.” It is in the attempted betterment of man and society that the world burns. As we focus on improvement we miss the true beauty of life which is happening now.

The now that we so wish to change is all that we have. It is all that we will ever have yet we run away from it as if from a thief in the night.

The continued looking into the future for a better society which will never come is what blinds us to the actuality that the society is not the problem. WE ARE; because we ARE the society. The man or woman in the mirror represents the whole of society and therefore changing yourself is synonymous with the change that you seek in the world.

The belief that a changed society will bring about a change in one-self is a fantasy. You are society, therefore the change need only occur within yourself and will then radiate outward.

When change occurs within yourself, society HAS, in fact, changed.

The idea that the world will literally change if we address the disorder in ourselves is merely an idea. Whether that idea is based in actuality or not remains to be seen, but there is a truth in that the proper care of oneself contributes to personal Peace. So, if you yourself have established a more solid foundation of peace in your life then how would it be possible that world hasn’t changed? You are the world and you have changed and therefore so has the world in which you live.

To not address the disorder within yourself is to allow the world to burn and since you are the world you are burning as well.

Every selfish act that takes only the part, and not the whole, into account is the striking of the match. I know, through observation, that lighting the world on fire and watching it burn is not our intention so we must look deeper into ourselves to see the true reason behind our masochistic behavior. Why do we want to see ourselves destroyed? Why has the mind set up this trap and why don’t we see it? The mind, however vast, is not very smart in its cunning when it is exposed to light. All psychological violence and conflict are based in the repetitive pattern of thought. For this discussion it is the repetitive nature of thought that we should look at because it repeats. And repeats, and repeats. This is a crazy making pattern ONLY before one takes sight of the pattern itself.

It is within this recognition that the escape from the pattern exists.

Notice that when you firstly witness a pattern that it does not appear as a pattern. It appears to be unique because you have never seen it before. And if you look away you will not see the truth of it and will believe it to be unique in nature. A pattern is not unique and neither is self destruction. Self destruction is a pattern that has been recurring for generation after generation after generation.

Self destruction is a learned behavior.

We have learned it and we are teaching it. And those that we teach will learn and teach it again and so it goes.

The understanding that the world is a blaze is the window to Peace. While the world burns we are told by the authorities of society that everything will be just fine as long as we do this or go there or support this or vote for that or rally for this or be disgusted by that or or or or or or or or or.


Therefore, I will extinguish the fire by removing the Ors from myself. I am I. I believe in nothing that has been peddled to me by the world. I accept no authority but my own. I will not do this or that…


And, it is in this “BEING” that Peace will arise. Peace does not exist in the attempted change of something. Peace exists within the acceptance of something. THE ACCEPTANCE OF NOW. Of how things are and not how you wish them to be. This is psychological. This does not mean that you like the violence and death perpetrated by one man over another. It means that you accept it for what it is which is synonymous for accepting yourself for who you are. Not who you wish to be.

It is only through the acceptance of a violent self that peace and harmony can be born. It is the acceptance of violence which cultivates peace. Not the fighting against violence.

Fighting violence with violence is fighting thought with thought. It doesn’t work and the state of the world proves it.

So, lets back away from thought which divides us and see each other for the incredible beings that we are.

The human has been blessed in a way that is beyond the fathom of the mind so Lets think twice before we strike the next match and burn our blessings to the ground.

John Masters



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“When Action isn’t”…An In-Depth Look into Thought and Action. by: John Masters

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John Masters